It was very common to see people preaching the gospel in the streets and passing out tracts when I was a teenager living in Brooklyn , N.Y.

My own mother had accepted Jesus Christ and had also become a great soul winner. She won multitudes to the Lord using gospel tracts as the bait to win the lost to Christ.

For several years Mother was so sick she wasn't able to get out of bed, but that never, never, never affected her love for Jesus and making Him known to others. During her time of illness she had two different physicians, both of them Jews. By the time she left those doctor's offices both of them had accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

There was always a great string of people coming to our house. They would sit by Mother's bed and there many a person found Jesus as Mother explained to them their need to invite Jesus Christ into their hearts and lives.

During the depression, my parents owned a boarding house in Flatbush, Brooklyn . In the apartment directly over our apartment lived a woman we called Mrs. Seymour. She made her living by going every night into New York City to tell fortunes at The Stork Club.

The Stork Club was one of the most famous where those of the business world would gather. Our upstairs tenant made her living by telling fortunes for the high and mighty of the earth. Many people would not take a business venture until she told their fortunes.

Mrs. Seymour literally had a spirit of fortune telling, which is a spirit of divination. This is not a spirit of God, but rather a spirit of the devil.

One day Mrs. Seymour was out of her apartment and my mother decided it was time to win her to Christ. Mom made her way out of her sick bed and climbed the stairs to her apartment. She found the door open and her sink piled with dirty dishes. Mother washed her dishes and left a little gospel tract on her table. The tract was called, "A BAG OF BEANS."

"A BAG OF BEANS" is a story of how a man was leading some pigs to the slaughter house. Another person observed him and was intrigued. He said, "I have never seen anyone able to herd pigs and lead them to the slaughter house so easily." The herdsman replied, "There is a trick. I have a little bag of beans in my pocket and as I drop them the pigs keep following me." Then the tract went on to say how Satan is leading us, dropping a little pleasure here and a little pleasure there - right into the slaughterhouse.

When the fortune teller came home and saw her clean dishes and the little tract on her table she sat there and read, "THE BAG OF BEANS." The spirit of conviction came on her and she ran downstairs to my mother. Mother led her to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. She was instantly transformed!

Mrs. Seymour had entered into the occult and had gone deep away from the path of righteous-ness. She had been possessed by Satan, but now she was delivered! She quit that job in The Stork Club and carried a burden for those who didn't know Jesus.

Soon Mrs. Seymour was seen carrying a sandwich sign and walking the streets through Times Square passing out tracts. Her sign read, "Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved." She became a powerful soul winner for Jesus, all because one day my mother left a tract at her table!

There is transforming power in the gospel of Jesus Christ. It will change your circumstances. It will change your life.

by Pastor David Minor Sr