PictureA poor mother lay dying in a neglected tenement in a great city. She had not much to leave her little girl, but calling her to her bedside the mother said, "Nellie, I'm going to die--find Jesus!" Soon after that the mother died, and little Nellie was left to the mercy of a neighbor who took her in and cared for her.

But her mother's last words filled little Nellie's mind. "Mother told me to find Jesus," she thought. So she asked the woman who had taken her in, "Where can I find Jesus?" "I don't know," roughly answered the woman, "I'm busy; don't bother me." Like many others she was too busy to find Jesus herself, and unable to show the way to another. After that Nellie went into the street 'to find Jesus,' and asked the first man she met, "Sir, please tell me where to find Jesus!"

"I don't know," he answered and hurried on his way. Nellie saw a man coming out from a saloon and asked, "Mister, do you know Jesus?" "No, I don't," was the reply, "but I ought to."

Now as little Nellie passed on and was crossing the street, the poor child was knocked down, run over, and being badly hurt, was carried to the hospital. After a time she regained consciousness, and found herself in a nice clean hospital ward. She looked around. All was quite strange to her.

Seeing a nurse, she asked the same question, if this was the place to find Jesus. "I don't know; you had better go to sleep and rest," kindly answered the nurse. So, like an obedient child, Nellie did so, and many days she lay on her bed in the hospital wondering where she could find Jesus. We may be sure that God never lets a seeking one go away without receiving a blessing for His own Word says, "seek, and ye shall find;" and, "those that seek me early shall find me." (Matt. 7:7; Prov 8:17). Not only is this true, but all the time Nellie was seeking Jesus, He Himself was seeking her, "For the Son of man is come to seek and to save that which was lost." (Luke 19:10).

So one day the little girl called, "Nurse! Nurse! Come here---come!" and with a bright glad face, she said, "I have found Jesus; He is here in my heart. Nurse, won't you have Him too?" And indeed the nurse was finally led to the Lord Jesus and others too in that hospital in the few days that Nellie lingered before going to heaven, to Jesus whom she had sought and found.

Dear young reader, have you found Jesus? Or rather, have you let Him find you? For to find Jesus, the Saviour of sinners, who in love died for our sins on the cross, is indeed the most important thing in life. And to be found and saved by Him, the seeking Shepherd, who laid down His life for His sheep is truly the greatest blessing that can come to anyone. Oh, may your greatest desire be to find Jesus, the Saviour, and to be found and saved by Him.