Several boys were employed by a large business firm to run errands. As time went on, one of them thought, "Oh, if I could only make a dig into that money."

One evening Junior found the small register unlocked. Though his heart was beating fast, he said to himself, "No one will see it; who would miss a dime?" So he quietly opened the drawer and took a dime and slipped it into his pocket.

The next evening Junior found the register open again and feeling bolder took two dimes. And so it went on. As often as he could Junior helped himself to two, three and even four dimes. His conscience had been put to silence, and he never thought about God's seeing him, or the bookkeeper checking up, who could often be seen shaking his head in the morning as he counted the money.


A careful watch of the register was made, but the thief could not be caught in the act. So a number of dimes were marked and placed in the register. The next morning several marked dimes were missing. The manager now called all the boys into the office and said, "For some time money has been stolen from the register of small expenses. One of you boys must be the thief. If the guilty one will confess his sins, all will be forgiven him. Now, who is the thief?"

The boys stood speechless, some were trembling, but all denied being guilty. They were then commanded to put their hands behind their backs and be searched. Many things were brought out of their pockets, yet one boy after another was placed on the side as not guilty. Junior was under suspicion.

"I'll ask you again," said the manager in a stern tone, "haven't you taken the money?"

"No," was the bold answer.

"Remember, my boy, God knows everything and Lying lips are abomination to the Lord (Proverbs 12:22)," said the manager.

"I have not lied," was Junior's answer.

He was now searched; seven dimes from Junior's pockets were put on the table. But still he lied, saying he had not stolen them, but got them from his mother.

The manager then picked up two marked dimes, which were taken from Junior's pockets, and said, "How dare you tell such brazen lies? Do you see these dimes? They were marked last night to catch and prove guilty the thief. You are the thief."

Junior could not speak a word. As he looked at the marked dimes, he fell fainting to the floor where he lay unconscious for some time. The manager turned to speak to the other boys who were deeply touched. "Here you can see," he said, "What a terrible thing it is to lie. Junior's sins have found him out. May it be warning to you all."

Dear children, may this little story also speak to you and cause you to realize the truth of God's Word - 'Be sure your sin will find you out.' His holy eye sees all that you do, and He writes everything down in His book.

"The eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good."
(Proverbs 15:3)