Question: Do you have proof there is or ever was scientifically a god. I am an atheist so I'm just curious.

WatchAnswer: Mail me your watch. I will take it apart and return it to you. Then you can decide if you believe the odds of a bunch of parts coming together in a functional assembly are more probable, statistically speaking, if assembled by a greater intelligence (a watch maker) or if you still believe in random chance - in which case you will just put them in a ziplock bag and shake them in hopes of a watch coming together.

We both know that you will chose the greater intelligence. Hence, the odds of "random chance" are just too great to be believed. So if the greater intelligence who assembled the parts of our universe is not God who is he?

Thus it is your belief in "Random Chance," not my belief in a "greater intelligence" i.e. God, that is scientifically implausible.


An avowed atheist lived in a pretty cottage with his wife and little girl, of whom he was very fond. Once he became seriously ill and his devoted wife asked a Christian friend to come and speak to him about the truth in Christ.

The sick man greeted him with oaths and curses and abused his wife for having asked him to come. "Bring me a board and a piece of chalk," he demanded. His wife watched while his hot fevered fingers slowly traced in capital letters the words, "GOD IS NOWHERE." "There," said the sick man, "that is my creed. Place it at the foot of the bed so I can see it every time I open my eyes."

His fever arose and delirium came on. The little girl was taken to a Christian home where she was tenderly cared for and where she began to learn to read. After the father had somewhat recovered, the loving little daughter was brought home to visit him. He was deeply touched at seeing her again and had her lie down with her head on the pillow beside him.

"What have you been doing since I have been ill," he tenderly asked. "Oh, they have taken such good care of me and I have learned to read," she exclaimed.

"Have you?" said the fond father. "I wonder if you could read the words at the foot of my bed?" "Yes, father, let me try," said the little one, and she began slowly to spell out the words. "God is"-then she hesitated. "Oh, father, I've got it. GOD IS NOW HERE," and added, "Yes, father, so He is, and He has been here all the time you have been ill."

The father choked with emotion and gently said, "You must go now, darling." As soon as the door was closed he burst into tears of repentance and prayed aloud for God's forgiveness, for he saw that his boasted creed was nothing but his own invention. Broken-hearted over his sins, he came to know Jesus Christ as the One who bore all his transgressions. Soon afterward he was restored to health and to his loving family.

"This is a faithful saying, and worthy of all acceptation, that
Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners."
I Tim. 1:15.