By Bro. Nic Kizziah
An article published in "The Believers Newsletter" - December 2003

Have you ever heard anyone say "I can't understand that ol' King James Bible with all those thee's and thou's. The young people really need something easier to understand." Sure, all of us King James Bible believers have heard such remarks. 

I think people who use such remarks highly under estimate the intelligence of our young people today. It is really not that complicated. If they can figure out all the high tech gadgets of modern society today then this ought to be as easy as falling when you jump out of an airplane. Unfortunately many young people do not even try because an older generation has told them "it's hard to understand." It's not hard to understand, it's easy to understand. There are two rules to remember:

Rule #1:

The words that begin with "T" (thee, thou, thy and thine) are singular and refer to only one.   

Rule #2:

The words that begin with "Y" (Ye, you, your, and yours) are plural and refer to two or more.   

That's it, that's all there is to it. Now if you replace the second-person singular pronouns "thee and thou" with the word "you" then you are distorting the scriptures. This is exactly what is happening in the new modern versions.

You just can't beat the Elizabethan English that the King James Bible is written in. It's a pure beautiful language.